Zhoushan COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 's 113,000-ton Crude Oil Liner N755 Has Successfully Completed Its Sea Trial

On January 19, 2021, the 113,000 DWT crude oil liner N755, built by Zhoushan COSCO Marine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd for Union Maritime Limited of the United Kingdom, successfully completed the sea trial task and returned home smoothly.

It is reported that the N755 project is 250 meters in length, 44 meters in width and 21.3 meters in depth, and has been classified into LR classification society.

During the trial, in eight days, the successful completion of the main engine running-in and endurance, speed test, the shaft load measurement, the anchor test, turning test, steering gear and autopilot test, such as unmanned engine room all sea test project, the parameters and performance specifications are reaching or higher than sailing test outline requirements, obtained the owner construction group and the height of the ship inspection trainers are recognized.

In the follow-up, the project team will focus on the project delivery task and focus on the elimination and finishing work of the trial navigation, so as to strive for early delivery.