Yokohama Marine Foam Filled Floating Fender

foam filled fender advantages and features:

*Absorb more energy, less reverse impact on ships
*It has floating property proof against the tidal range;
*Its bright colors can supply products in various colors as quest;
*No air against the tidal range; Proof against corrosion
*No air inflation is needed during use with safety and maintenance-free;
*Use flange coupling and easy to install, move and use.
*High energy absorption and low reaction force
*No explosion risk, safety and reliability
*Many different sizes and shape available
*Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin
*Unsinkable design and easy installation
*Low maintenance, burst resistance, and reliable performance
*Light but solid

Characteristic of foam fender:

*With the general compression fender, solid foam filled polyurethane fender with floating performance, The installation position is not subject to tidal influence
*Compared with pneumatic fenders, has better energy absorption performance, and low reaction performance
*Compared with pneumatic fenders, does not require the use of check, inflatable, with maintenance-free; No explosion risk, with safety
foam fender's range of use:
*The marine terminal fender
*Suitable for gravity and London Wharf, especially the large tidal range of the dock
*Particularly applicable to the ship by ship fender, floating fender more adaptability
*As the pier fender, protection of bridge piers, ships from damage;
*Ship-to-ship transfers, Navy berths, Oil and gas tankers, General cargo, Bulk
*Ferries, Container vessels, Cruise ships