World Maritime Day

"World Maritime Day" is an important event of the International Maritime Organization, which first appeared in 1978. March 17, 1978 coincided with the 20th anniversary of the entry into force of the International Maritime Organization Convention. In November 1977, the Tenth Conference of the International Maritime Organization passed a resolution, deciding that March 17 will be the "World Maritime Day" every year in the future, and March 17, 1978 will become the first World Maritime Day. In November 1979, the Eleventh Conference of the International Maritime Organization revised this resolution, considering that the climate in September is more suitable for maritime activities, so the future World Maritime Day will be changed to a certain day in the last week of September.   "World Maritime Day" is determined by the International Maritime Organization. In the last week of September each year, governments of various countries choose a day to celebrate in order to arouse people's attention to ship safety, marine environment and the International Maritime Organization. Every year on Ocean Day, the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization prepares a special proclamation that sets out topics that require special attention.       On April 25, 2005, the State Council of China approved the "Decision that July 11 will be the "Navigation Day" every year starting in 2005, and also as the implementation date of the "World Maritime Day" in China. "Navigation Day" has since become Government-led, public participation, national statutory activity day. Sailing Day has been held in Shanghai, Shandong Qingdao, and Jiangsu Taicang for three times.      Country profile:     "World Maritime Day" aims to strengthen the attention of all countries to maritime affairs and promote maritime safety and marine environmental protection. Every year on World Maritime Day, the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization will deliver a speech at the organization's headquarters, and countries should also carry out relevant publicity activities on this day.    China: Approved by the State Council, since 2005, July 11 has been the "Navigation Day" each year, and it is also the implementation date of "World Maritime Day" in China. "Navigation Day" is a national statutory activity day led by the government and attended by all people. United States: The Nautical Festival in the United States is held on May 22 each year to commemorate the sailing of the American steam engine ship from Savannah Port in Georgia on May 22, 1819. In order to promote the American nautical culture and patriotism, the annual nautical festival will be led by government departments and held grand celebrations. Japan: Japan’s Sailing Festival is on July 20th each year. The Japanese government requires all citizens to ponder over the great significance of sea navigation to Japan on this day. United Kingdom: The dates and names of the sailing festivals are different in different parts of the United Kingdom. Among them, the Great Yarmouth Nautical Festival is held in Great Yarmouth Harbour from September 6th to 7th every year to commemorate the British sailing industry that was flourishing that year. Canada: Canada’s Sailing Festival is scheduled from June 21st to 22nd every year. Since 1986, the annual Sailing Festival has been called the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival by Canadians.