What Is Clear View Screen ?

Clear view screen is installed at the front window of the ship's wheel house so that the ship may be moving safety under the bad weather condition in case of  dim vision caused by rain , snow or ice. 
It can be made to wipe the water out by using the centrifugal force with rotating screen made of aluminum and glass. 
Ship owner and ship company is free to make the option's decision.

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Main Technical Data:
1.Power supply: AC 220V
3.Wipe Speed:0.5-1.2m/sec
4.Consumed power of motor:≤250w
5.Consumed power of heater:≤450w
6.Protection grade:IP56
7.Outline dimension of control box
(Only for reference): Box(mm):164x114x155
8.Installation:Main unit is mounted above outdoor side scuttle with the rod swinging downwards. If needing other installation method, both parties should confirm a special design and note it in technical specification.

Type       Body length L (mm)           Wipe stroke St (mm) Mounting distance P (mm) Distance C(mm)         Distance D(mm) Wiper arm type Arm length A (mm) Blade length E (mm)
WGP-1R 1500           1200


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