Two Self-propelled Self-propelled Operation Platforms Of China Merchants Heavy Industry Were Delivered Successfully

On August 10, 2020, hujing 1 and Hujing 2 (project no. Cmhi-181-1/2), self-propelled self-propelled operating platforms built by China Merchants Heavy Industries (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. for Gulf Electric Technology Co., LTD., left dock No. 1 and went to the construction area under the escort of tugboats to start the journey of offshore wind power equipment installation.

Under the strong support of the company's leaders and units at all levels, two self-propelled operating platforms have been successfully delivered from the basic design.

In order to better meet market demand, the project team on the basis of the original to the mother ship structure is optimized, in the original design to meet 3 mw wind turbines installation project, on the basis of optimized by reasonable design, the can to a certain extent satisfy the 10 mw wind turbines operations engineering, make the platform is at a leading position in the field of national wind power construction.