The Oil Spill Recovery Vessel Of Qingdao Shipyard Started Successfully

At 9:58 on December 29, 2020, Qingdao Shipyard Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony for the oil spill recovery vessel built by China Science and Technology (Guangdong) Refinery Co., Ltd.

Sinopec commissioned supervisor Zhao Fujun, Wu Shaojiang representative, China Classification Society Qingdao Branch Dou Gengming representative, Qinghai Shipping Company Deputy General Manager Zhang Jinbo, and relevant project leaders to witness this exciting moment.

This project is the first time that Qingchuan has restarted cooperation with Sinopec after a few years, and continues to write a new chapter.

It is reported that the ship has a total length of 49 meters, the hull is a steel fully welded structure, and is equipped with two sets of conventional power full-rotation rudder propellers (two engines and two propellers) and built-in professional oil spill recovery equipment. After completion, it can sail and operate in coastal waters, and has the functions of opening up waters to deal with oil spill accidents, and quickly implementing offshore oil containment control and removal operations.