The New Generation Of Chemical Tank Washing Barge Zesheng Tank Washing 3 In The Yangtze River Was Successfully Put Into Operation

Recently, the "Zesheng Cabin Washing No. 3" barge inspected by China Classification Society (CCS) Chongqing Branch successfully completed the inspection and certification and was put into use.The ship is a new generation of chemical tank washing barges in the Yangtze River waters. It is also an important part of the construction of a hazardous chemical tank washing base project proposed by the State Council in the "Three Gorges Reservoir Area and Its Upstream Water Pollution Prevention and Control Plan". Development and Reform Commission's special investment funds for promoting the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.It is reported that "Zesheng Cabin Washing No. 3" is classified into CCS and awarded ★ CSAD chemical tank washing barge/tanker tank washing barge after completion of construction; A-class navigation area, J2 class segment; ★ CSMD classification symbols and additional marks.After the barge is put into operation, it will become one of the most advanced tank washing barges with the most advanced equipment, the most functions, and the most complete environmental protection measures in the Yangtze River. It will provide a more professional environmentally friendly tank washing place for tankers in the jurisdiction, with an annual tank washing capacity of 400 More ships.