​The Manual Deployment Steps Of The Inflatable Life Raft

When the inflatable life raft put into use, the raft and the storage tube can be directly thrown into the water. The life raft can be automatically inflated for the person in distress. However, the inflatable life raft can also be manually applied. Let's take a look at the manual application of the inflatable liferaft.

The manual deployment steps of the inflatable life raft are as follows:

1) Untie all the shackles.

2) Fasten the cable to the storage rack.

3) Operate the manual release and throw away the life raft.

4) The person boarded the life raft with the boarding ladder.

5) Cut the cable with a knife and quickly remove the big ship.

The inflatable life raft is a new life-saving equipment developed in the 1960s. It is made of rubber and is usually folded and placed in a FRP container. The shape of the container is usually a hemispherical cylinder at both ends. When in use, pull the inflatable valve cable, and the CO2 cylinder placed in the crucible will automatically inflate the liferaft to make it a circular soft palate with a tent. The manned amount of the inflatable life raft varies from specification to size, ranging from 4 to 45 people. The life raft also contains items such as fresh water buckets, food boxes, medicine chests, life-saving signal flares or rockets, and automatic call-saving radio stations. There is also a flash on the top of the tent, which is convenient for rescuers to search at night. The people in the tents are protected from the impact of the waves, the cold winds or the sun.

Modern large passenger ships are also equipped with inflatable emergency escape devices. The complete set includes an inflatable slide and a corresponding inflatable liferaft. When a shipwreck occurs in a shipwreck, a glideslope is placed on the side of the emergency escape port, a large raft is connected to the lower end of the slide, and the inflatable raft with the tent is docked around the raft. Passengers quickly slide from the emergency escape through the slide to the big raft and then board the surrounding life raft. There are two kinds of slides, the single slide height is 6 meters, and the double slide height is 15 meters. Large passenger aircraft on many international routes are also equipped with this equipment.