The Main Parameters Of The Marine Wiper

The main parameters of the marine wiper: the size of each glass, the wiper stroke, the length of the scraper arm, the length of the scraper and the controller.

Other parameters include: power type, whether an electric heater is required, and whether a sprinkler is required (usually). Motor power, external or built-in motor. Whether the scraper arm is curved or straight.

The wiper, also known as a wiper, water tray, wiper or windshield wiper, is used to wipe raindrops and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle to improve the driver's field of vision and improve driving safety. Due to legal requirements, almost all places have wipers. The rear window of vehicles such as hatchbacks and recreational vehicles is also equipped with a wiper. In addition to cars, other vehicles also have wipers, such as trains and trams. Some parts of engineering tools, such as cranes, are also equipped with wipers.

The wiper's power comes from the motor, which is the heart of the entire wiper system. The quality of the wiper motor is very high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor and the wiper motor mounted on the front windshield is usually integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear. The function of the worm gear mechanism is to reduce the speed and increase the twist. The output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the continuous rotational motion becomes a left-right swing motion through the four-bar linkage mechanism.

The wiper motor has a three-brush structure and is easy to shift. The intermittent time is controlled by an intermittent relay and the wiper is scraped for a certain period of time by using the return switch contacts of the motor and the charging and discharging functions of the relay resistors and capacitors. The wiper strip of the wiper is a tool that directly removes rain and dust from the glass. The blade strip is pressed against the glass surface by a spring strip whose edges must match the angle of the glass to achieve the desired performance.