The Hydrostatic Pressure Release Device

The hydrostatic pressure release device is a device for free floating devices (such as life rafts, satellite emergency radio beacons, etc.) attached to a ship that can be automatically and manually released when the ship is sunk or otherwise required to be released.

Hydrostatic pressure releasers on ships used for international voyages are to be approved by the Administration.

Technical requirements editor

.1 Made of compatible materials to prevent malfunction of the unit. Zinc or other forms of metal plating shall not be applied to the components of the hydrostatic pressure releaser;

.2 automatically disengage the life raft at a water depth of not more than 4 m;

.3 is designed to prevent moisture from accumulating in the normal position of the device.

a water drain in a water pressure chamber;

.4 its structure, when the waves are slammed, should not be disengaged;

.5 the type and ex-factory number shall be marked on the outside of the exterior;

.6 the device shall be permanently marked or accompanied by a product nameplate indicating the date of manufacture, model and ex-factory number and whether the device is suitable for liferafts with a capacity of more than 25 persons;

.7 the strength of the components of each connection cable system shall not be less than the strength required for the first cable; and

.8 If desired, the method of determining the expiration date may be used instead of the requirements of .6. [2] 

Release depth: 1.5 ~ 4m (in seawater);

Working environment: -30 ~ +65 ° C