The Correctness Of Wearing A Life Jacket

The correctness of wearing a life jacket is related to whether the drowning person has the possibility of surviving. There are also many types of life jackets. Different styles of life jackets have different wearing methods. Our most commonly used life jacket is the vest life jacket. This life jacket is more convenient and quicker. But there are two straps on the vest that are most easily overlooked, but these two straps are really important!

The life jacket not only has to fasten the two buckles on the chest, but must fix the two straps of the thigh root, because the body will begin to sink in the water, the life jacket will take people up, but not the two. The belt life jacket will run up, and the shoulders and neck will be uncomfortable, and several life jackets will fall off. The role of these two belts is actually to fix people and clothes. Only when they are fixed together can they play the biggest role of life jackets. Therefore, the wearing of life jackets is also very important. The two straps will be slightly different, but the effect is similar.

Summer is a good time to go out and play. If you want to go to the beach to play, you don’t have to wear a life jacket when you go out to sea. You must also remember to fix the two straps of the thigh root. If it is only on the body, it is useless. Everyone must remember the correct way to wear it.