The Chararistic Of Crane Belt Sling

The sling is generally used in a flammable and explosive environment and does not itself produce Mars. The world's first synthetic fiber flat sling has been widely used in the field of industrial hoisting in the United States in 1955, it is widely used in ships, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical, port, electricity, electronics, transportation, military, etc. field. The sling has the characteristics of light weight, convenient maintenance and good chemical resistance, as well as light weight, high strength and easy damage to the surface of the hoisting object. It is more and more popular among users and gradually replaces the wire rope in many aspects. With.

The shortcomings of the sling is mainly different from the wire rope sling. The main performance is: when the hoist has sharp edges, these sharp edges will cause destructive cuts on the sling, in order to protect the sling from cutting. Injury, a protective lining can be placed between the sling and the sling.

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Lightweight and soft: 25% of the weight of a metal sling. The sling is very easy to handle, handle and store. If there is a large cut on the round sling sleeve, it must be checked and cannot be repaired or used.

Analysis of the characteristics of the sling

The hoisting belt is increasingly used in modern, technological, and international hoisting construction sites. The products are commonly used in the lifting of steel mills, oil fields, ports, electromechanical, transportation and other industries.

(1) Light weight, good flexibility, easy to bend, and easy to use;

(2) It does not damage the appearance of the object being hoisted, and it is highly maintainable;

(3) The lifting is stable and the safety factor is high;

(4) It has high tensile strength, beautiful color and easy to distinguish;

(5) is an insulator;

(6) The sling belt has long service life and good corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

(7) Progressive obedience and cost savings;

(8) It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power establishment, military manufacturing, port loading and unloading, power equipment, machine processing, chemical steel, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields.


Generally, its width is 15mm, 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, sling with other, flat sling: industrial strong silk is woven into dyed into industrial ribbon. Lifting straps, 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 240mm, 300mm, lifting ears width 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm.

The industrial webbing industry is sewn into a flat sling. In any case, if the user is not sure of the level of damage, it is best to return the round sling to the manufacturer for further inspection. The flat annular sling is just a ring. When the overload or temporary use causes local damage to the bearing core, the jacket will first break the warning to avoid accidents.

The synthetic fiber sling is a soft sling with excellent performance. It is made of high-quality high-strength low-stretch polyester filament and a new generation of wire rope. Industrialized countries in the world have been widely used for more than 50 years. Does not damage the surface of the hanger (including the paint layer) without any negative damage to the human body.

Generally, slings are difficult to erode and are not electrically conductive. The TA type sling is a woven wearable jacket with a high-strength rope sling (also known as “Universal sling”, one of the most widely used soft slings. The round sling is surrounded by an endless The equally arranged tows form a closed bearing core, and the Tianjin slings are twisted with a single strand of wire. The number of filaments in a row is more than 100,000 weeks, which acts as a load bearing. The synthetic fiber sling is soft and easy to control.

Performance and benefits


Strength: Flat sling with 1T-30T round sling with 1T-300T

Bandwidth: 25mm-250mm

Elastic elongation: <10% under rated load 2%-3% under ultimate working force

Load identification: During use, the label on the sling can be worn to identify the tonnage through the color of the sling jacket.

Working temperature: -40~100°C Safety factor: 5:1 6:1 7:1


1. Light weight and convenient to use;

2. Does not damage the surface of the object being lifted;

3. The lifting is stable and safe;

4, strong high, can judge the tonnage according to the color;

5. Improve labor efficiency and save costs;

6, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance;

7, a wide range of applications, suitable for ports, terminals, chemicals, steel, machinery, installation and other lifting places.