The Achievement We Received In 2018 From Customers Sincere Supports.

At the end of 2018,Matchau Marine Equipments Company has walked like thousands miles away from the primary and starting point .the more we experienced,the more we know what our customers' real need and want.we are different and achieved higher stage year by year,we  know and never forget however far we go and conquer any possible problem ,which is always based on the strongest support from our clients and customers,we need keep and cherish the trust and stable business from customer with honest credit , reliable quality products and professional service ,wichi is our biggest mission on the business way.

For the upcomeing 2019,we will carry out our new strategy and plan to supply the better service,Matchau would like supply the products that customers trust and customers real need.Matchcau's business value is to build the value for customers,Matchau's smooth business is to give a smooth business to customers,Matchau's customers are the soul of Matchau and the mind of Matchau that lead us forward to a further and brithest direction,at the same time,Matchau products and service are the soul of customers that may give a loyal supports and back customers strenthly.

Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd will continuously supply lifeboat,life raft,Load test water bag ,life jacket as the mainly safety equipments to new and old customers,we need your supports.


May our new and old cusotmers Happy Prosperous and New year.

Hope more cooperation happen in 2019 with customers and stand more market share in different marketing place.