Ship Window Rain Wiper

Marine ship window rain wiper is a new type of electrical appliance for ship window blind shaving. It uses the driving motor as the power source. It is driven by the deceleration and transmission mechanism and the casing as the guide rail to drive the lower end of the scraper. Rubber scraper, parallel scraping on the porthole glass, keeping the porthole clear when the waves and rain are flapping and the snow is floating.

1.Power Supply:AC220V
2.Power Frequencty:50Hz/60Hz
3.Wipe Speed:0.3~1.2m/s
4. Consumed Power of motor:≤500w
5.Consumed Power of Heater:≤100w
6.Protection Grade:IP6
7.Outline Dimension of control box:130×100×162mm
8.Installation:Main unit is mounted above the outdoor side scuttle and the rod is downwards.if the customer has other installation requirements,we can confirm both technologies for custom-designed;
10.Optional parts:Heater,Waterworks