Ship Using Rain Wiper

Wiper translating wiper is a new type of electric appliance for ship cab and operating studio porthole scraping. It uses variable speed motor as the power source and aluminum alloy shell as guide rail to drive the rubber at the lower end of the scraper. The scraper is parallel wiped on the porthole glass to keep the porthole clear when the waves and rain are flapping and the snow flutters to ensure safe navigation. The wiper housing rail is provided with a heater to ensure that the scraper is The icing climate can be smoothly wiped. The wiper is suitable for all kinds of military ships, military auxiliary ships and civil ships, especially the supporting facilities of the infinite navigation area. The wiper complies with the industry standard of China Classification Society's "Classification Rules for Steel Ships" (2006) and cb1366-2002 "General Specification for Ship Wrappers". Main technical specifications: Power supply voltage: ac200v Power frequency: 50hz/60hz Wiping speed: 0.3~1.2m/s Motor input power: 500w Protection level: ip56 Safety mode: The main unit is installed above the outdoor porthole, the scraper hem. If other installation methods are required, they can be specially made for the customer after the technical status of both parties is confirmed.