Shanghai Anji Phoenix Has Been Repaired And Completed On The Ro-RO Ship Of CosCO Marine Heavy Industry Corporation Of Dalian.

On October 9, 2020, THE "SAIC Anji Phoenix" undertaken by CosCO Shipping Heavy Industry In Dalian completed all the maintenance projects and set sail smoothly.

It is reported that the "Shanghai Anji Phoenix" wheel for auto - ro - ship.The main maintenance works are routine dock inspection, whole ship painting, tail bridge repair and pipe replacement.The ship entered on 24 September, docked on 1 October and disembarked on 6 October.

On October 6, "Shanghai Anji Phoenix" was going to dock as planned. Due to the sudden failure of the side bridge control system PLC, the side bridge could not be reassembled.If the problem is not solved in time, the ship will not only fail to get out of the dock on time for follow-up projects, but also affect the subsequent engineering nodes of other incoming ships.

In order not to affect the progress, the project team deployed manpower to fully cooperate with the ship for emergency manual control of the bridge. By 22:00 at night, the manual bridge was completed and the ship got off the dock successfully.After docking, the project team immediately studied to solve the PLC fault and repair the brake cylinder.

On October 9th, the SHIP "SAIC Anji Phoenix", which finished all the dock repair works and put on new paint, set sail smoothly.