Several Typical Fishing Vessel Types

Pair tugboat

    It mainly catches middle-bottom fish, and the operation depth is within 100 meters. The towing speed is about 3 knots. It is towed with the current in good weather, and towed with the wind on the windy day, from the tug to the tail of the net about 1,000 meters. The trawler cannot stop immediately during operation. When avoiding double tow, you should drive more than 0.5 nautical miles away from the stern of the ship or the outer side of the two ships. When the two boats are found to be laying their nets facing away, they should bypass the wind and waves.

    Single trawler (tail tow or beam tow)

The tail towing is not affected by the tide, and the towing speed is about 4 to 6 knots, and it works in deep water greater than 100 meters. When avoiding single towing, keep 1 nautical mile away from the tail. If the tugboat is found to be unsteady, it means it is laying or rewinding the net.

    Stream (gill) net fishing boat

    Drift net rectangular mesh, relying on the function of floats and sinkers to erect the shading in the water. To catch middle and pelagic fish, the nets are mostly retracted in the morning or evening. When the net is laid, the wind flow is mostly downwind, and the large drift net extends for more than 2 nautical miles. Foam or glass floats and many small buoys can be seen during the day, and small flags are planted at regular intervals. A flashing battery light is hung on the pole at the end of the net at night. After putting the net, the boat and net drift with the wind, and the net is in the bow direction. When avoiding, you should pass through the stern of the ship.

    Purse seine

    A method of catching pelagic fish using a huge long ribbon net. Usually the light attracts fish, and during the day the line of sight is good, and the net floats on the water surface can be seen. The purse seine is about 1000 meters long, and it is mostly used in fishing grounds with a water depth of 60 meters to 80 meters. The fishing boat is near the net when the net is retracted. The wind flows on the right side. Light trapping is about 3 hours, and netting is about 1 hour. When avoiding, keep 0.5 nautical miles away from the side of the upper wind and wave.

    Net fishing boat

    The net is a fixed fishing gear that operates in shallow water rapids near the shore. The net frame uses piles to open the net when the tidal rapids are used. When the flow slows down, the net starts.

    Longline fishing boat

    The length of the trunk line is generally 100 meters to 500 meters. The longline fishing boat is equipped with fishing gear from the lowered sampan, and the fishing gear is released from the stern of the fishing boat and fixed with anchors or sunken rocks. When evading, just pass 1 nautical mile away from the stern.