Self Floating Light Of Lifebuoy

Self floating light of life raft and the  Self floating light of  lifebuoy are the auxiliary equipment of the life-saving facility.

Self floating light of  lifebuoy is usually placed downwards when the position indicator is placed downwards. The lamp body is clamped with iron pieces and hung over the lifebuoy or liferaft on both sides of the bridge. The rope of the lower end of the iron ring is fastened to the lifebuoy. Its shape is shown in Figure 3. When using, throw the lifebuoy or life raft into the water. The floating light also follows the lifebuoy or life raft, such as water, and turns up. The current is turned on and floats around the lifebuoy or life raft, which is easily caused by the drowning person and the ship at night.

For the technical conditions of lifebuoys and Self floating light of  lifebuoy, the international conventions and domestic regulations have the following provisions:

(1) After falling into the water, it can emit light by itself, and will not be extinguished by water or waves.

(2) The light intensity is 2 cd, which can continuously emit light for 2 hours. If it is flashing, it should be no less than 50 flashes every five minutes.

(3) It can withstand a height of 30 meters and throw the water surface without damage.