Sausage Lifeboat Proof Load Test Water Bags

Lifeboat Load Test Water Bags 

Description of  lifeboat load test  water bag:

Matchau lifeboat load test  water bags  can be used for the proof load testing for various lifeboat, rescue boat, crew bastes,

gangways, small bridges and so on. 

Matchau lifeboat load test  water bags  meet the need for the simple, economy, convenience,safety and high efficiency load test method.

Matchau make 100kg-600kg normal size lifeboat load test  water bags.

Features and Advantages of lifeboat load test  water bag:
-- Made of heavy duty PVC coated fabrics with automatic relief valves
-- Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
-- Complete with all accessories and fill/drain valves, quick couplings
-- Strong strop handling to ensure an evenly spread load
-- Multi size are available for unlimited variants of test weight

Lifeboat load test  water bag system:
-- Any number of rated capacity 
-- 1 X 8 way manifold with quick connectors

-- 8 x 1" delivery/discharge hoses
-- Air driven double diaphragm water pump
-- Suction & discharge hoses
-- Extra test bags available
-- Robust transit storage crate.