Rescue Boat And Life Boat

c means a boat designed to rescue distressed persons and build a survival craft. Like lifeboats, they are lifesaving appliances for rescue at sea. Both lifeboats and rescue boats have the necessary equipment for the people on board. What are the differences from lifeboat attachments?

Xiaobian learned that rescue boats and lifeboats are used for different purposes, and their equipment is not the same. In addition to the necessary tools such as paddles, shoals, buckets, flashlights, radar reflectors, life buoys and floating rings, rescue boats are less equipped with life-saving rations, fresh water, fishing gear, machine tools, fire extinguishers, and anti-sickness than lifeboats. Medicines and other equipment are mostly equipped with buoyancy cables for towing life rafts and compasses for navigation.

Now let's find out the list of attachments for the rescue boat.

1. A sufficient number of floating paddles or hand paddles, paddle forks;

2.Can float 1;

3, a compass, an effective compass coated with luminescent agent or suitable lighting device;

4. One sea anchor and one anchor receiving cable (if provided) with sufficient strength, the length of which is not less than 10 meters;

5, a sufficient length and strength of the first cable, attached to the release device, and set at the front of the rescue boat;

6. A buoyant cable with a length of not less than 50 meters, with sufficient strength to carry all the occupants and attachments or the maximum liferaft of considerable weight;

7, a waterproof flashlight suitable for Morse signal, together with a spare battery and a spare bulb;

8, whistle or equivalent acoustic horn;

9.A set of first aid kits;

10.Two buoyant life-saving rings with a length of not less than 30 meters;

11, a searchlight, its horizontal and vertical fan surface is at least 6 degrees, the measured light intensity is 2500cd, continuous work is not less than 3hrs;

12.Effective radar reflector;

13. Insulation appliances or two pieces of insulation appliances that meet the requirements of the Convention and are sufficient for 10% of the rated occupants of the rescue boat, whichever is greater.

The rescue boat requires sufficient maneuverability and maneuverability in wind and waves to rescue people from the water and assemble life rafts. Therefore, its size is small. The occupant quota requires only 5 seats and 1 lying position. More than 8.5m.