Proof Load Testing Water Bag

Proof water bags as a standard proof load testing device  were mainly used in oil and gas industry for load testing and monitoring.Eventually,People found load test water bag already exceed its original functions,they are widely used in maritime,Power plants,Dam and other applications.

MATCHAU load test water bags mainly applied to shipping, have flexible functions that can test different weights.

MATCHAU load test water bag has durable features and competitive price,based on the dimple technology,MATCHAU pay much attention to the long lifespan of proof load test bag.or concentrate on developing new field that could extend its functions and maximize its valuable.


Matchau load test water bag is ECO-friendly load test device as its filled material is water.

We are proud of Matchau load test water bags being widely used in the world and getting good feedback from customers.

MATCHAU supplier flexible size water bag for your flexible needs.whatever size,we may customize for you,whatever issues on load testing,Matchau will try her best to find the best solution for you.


Scope of Matchau water bags for reference.