Polyamide Multifilament Diameter 4-120mm Marine Equipment Double Braided Rope for Offshore Oil Drilling

Product Description

Ship accessory,
yacht halyard,
fishing trawling,
offshore oil drilling,
military defense

Double braided rope is common marine rope which is designed for great strength to weight ratio.Double braid ropes have a braided core encased in a braided jacket cover and is designed to bear equal load on the core and cover. These ropes offer higher strength than 3 strand, 8 strand and 12 strand ropes. Fiber can include polyamide Multifilament, Polyester, Polypropylene Multifilament and Polyester&polypropylene.                                                      

 Double braided polyamide Multifilament rope, a polyamide multifilament core inside a soft polyamide multifilament cover results in a 100% polyamide multifilament rope with hight strength and good adsorption. polyamide multifilament can absorb a certain amount of shock loading at mooring.We offer this rope in a variety of diameters to hear you make the perfect choice for your application.                                                                    
Double braided polyester rope provides an excellent combination of high strength, low stretch, excellent weathering characteristice and easy handling. In comparision with polyamide ropes, they are flexible and soft even when wet.    Double braided polypropylene multifilament rope floating on water as its fiber is microscopically thin at 0.05mm using the latest precision extruding technologies.  

Double braided PET&PP multifilament rope consists of pp multifilament core and polyester cover. The core ensures the rope floatable on water and the out cover ensures the excellent abrasion resistance so that the service life extended.