Open Rescue Boat Solas Standard and CCS BV for Lifesaving

Open Rescue Boat SOLAS standard and  CCS BV for lifesaving 

Overview for SOLAS Lifeboat / F.R.P Lifeboat Sale (TEMPSC/Free-fall Lifeboat) 
---We have 5.0M/5.70M/6.5M/7.5M/8.0M/8.5M/9.9M TOTALLY ENCLOSED LIFE/RESCUE BOAT
The Totally enclosed Lifeboat/Rescue boat is manufactured with compliance with the(amendments to the SOLAS, 1974), MSC218.(82),MSC226.(82),MSC272.(85)and MSC274.(85).
---The hull/canopy of lifeboat is made of the fire reinforced plastic(F.R.P.-fire retardant ). The space between the inside and outside hull/canopy is filled with polyurethane
foam which will supply sufficient buoyancy for the boat.
The boat will be afloat with the help of the foam even the part of boat underneath the water damaged.
The fully loaded boat will be selfrighted when the boat turn over to any angle. This lifeboat Equipment is used for the life-saving and rescue on the sea.
1,  Confines of SOLAS Lifeboat / F.R.P Lifeboat Sale (TEMPSC/Free-fall Lifeboat)
1.1 This specification prescribe require for useful confines fundamental characteristics building and testing of 5.0-10 M totally enclosed common life /rescue boat.
1.2 This specification to be used attachment for contract. It's also the devise and produce document. And to by way of the delivery technical base.
1.3 Certificate : EC,DNV,BV ,CCS & ABS etc...for ship lifebaot equipment
2,  The main rest on for compilation of SOLAS Lifeboat / F.R.P Lifeboat Sale (TEMPSC/Free-fall Lifeboat)
2.1 Amendments to the international convention for the safety of safety of life at sea,1974.
2.2 International life-saving appliance(LSA),code MSC.218(82),MSC.272(85).
2.3 MSC.81(70),MSC.226(82), MSC.274(85)The resolution for maritime safety committee.
2.4 Nation calibrate for F.R.P. material.
3,  Function and useful confines for SOLAS Lifeboat / F.R.P Lifeboat Sale (TEMPSC/Free-fall Lifeboat)
3.1 Function:By mean of get away from ship and recovery for persons in water
3.2 Useful confines:8804;3;Max. three class sea state;