Offshore Twin Fall Davit for Tempsc

* We are maker/exporter for Offshore Twin Fall Platform DAVIT & TEMPSC, OPITO & STCW standard, Ship's Class approve
* We provide buyer/user training course for TEMPSC / TWIN FALL DAVIT annual service/inspection/repair with certificate

Our TEMPSC WITH TWIN FALL DAVIT for OPITO coxswain safety training course, accord with OPITO, STOW standard. Which already supplied to OPITO approved safety training center in Ireland, UK, U. S. A, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam with good performance. Base on OPITO/STCW requirements and our real experience of assisting our customers setting up their training project, we offer one stop solution for OPITO standard offshore safety training center, include building construction consulting, indoor/outdoor setting design, TEMPSC & DAVIT produce / fitting and installation service.

Strictly accord OPITO reqirements, such as
(1)Offshore Davit arrangement, complete with rubber buffers to enable delegates to enter the TEMPSC without it moving.
(2)Centrifugal brake arrangement to enable the TEMPSC to be lowered without power; Activation of this system is undertake n from within the TEMPSC by the coxswain/instructor.
(3)Electric winch for hoisting, complete with limit switches to prevent Davit/TEMPSC damage.
(4)TEMPSC Lowering action / release range accord OPITO course design
(5)In both cases the water into which the TEMPSC is lowered must be a sufficient depth to enable the TEMPSC to float and to allow the hook(s) to open and allow release of the TEMPSC.
(6)Using max. Capa 26persons TEMPSC to perform OPITO course design: A maximum of 16 delegates and 1 instructor

As main maker and exporter in China specializes in the manufacture of TEMPSC(totally enclosed lifeboats), open type lifeboats, rescue boats, free fall lifeboats and Davit.

All products comply with the requirement of SOLAS, LSA and MSC regulation, approved by NK, Lloyd's, LR, GL, DNV, ABS, CCS, BV, KR, ABS, RINA, ZC, SGS classification societies & EC certification. Our lifeboat and davit can equip on all general cargo vessel, dangerous cargo vessel & offshore oil drilling platform.

Our manufactory works under ISO9001: 2000 quality system and adopted the advanced technology for F. R. P. Production as our annual production capacity excess of 200 boats.

We have supplied all kinds of lifeboat & davit long time with good reputation. We believe, expert quality & service, perfect works with good price is the same target of buyer & seller.

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Radar reflector / First aid kit / Thermal protective / repair outfit / waterproof torch / fishing tickle
Tin opener / Signal Mirror / Sea anchor / Rescure quoit & line
Food ration / Fresh water
Red hand flare / Parachute rocket / buoyant smoke signal / man over board / Line throwing apparatus etc.

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