One. Use of MGPS marine defense biological system.

01.. Prevent the adsorption of marine organisms on subsea doors, seawater pipelines, seawater coolers, etc.

02. Prevent marine organisms from corroding subsea doors, seawater pipelines, seawater coolers, etc.

03. Prevent marine organisms from adsorbing on the bottom of the ship.


two. Classification commonly used by ships at present.

01. Electrolytic seawater antifouling device; (Electrolyzed seawater is prone to strong oxidation with chlorine exceeding the standard)

02. Electrolytic copper-aluminum (iron) antifouling instrument; (currently used in ships, the material of seawater piping is steel, which requires copper-aluminum anode; the material of seawater piping is aluminum or copper, which requires iron anode. The heavy metals, copper and aluminum, are discharged directly into the sea, causing pollution.)

03. Ultrasonic sea defense biological device (due to environmental protection reasons, the future development trend can also be used for ballast water treatment).

three. The principle of MGPS ship sea-defense biological system commonly used by ships --- electrolytic copper aluminum (iron) antifouling instrument.

01. Electrolysis in seawater through copper anodes produces trace copper ions. When the copper ion content reaches 2mg / m3, copper ions can effectively inhibit the growth of sea creatures in seawater piping systems.

02. Electrolysis in seawater through an aluminum anode produces a small amount of aluminum hydroxide floes. Copper ion and aluminum hydroxide floc in the seawater can stick to the marine larvae in the seawater and kill the marine larvae.

03. In areas where seawater flows slowly, as the electrolysis time increases, these aluminum hydroxide flocs attach to the inner wall of the seawater piping, forming a thin protective layer to prevent seawater corrosion.