Mechanical Force Dynamometer

Dynamometer A portable measuring instrument used to measure various force values or loads. Also known as the dynamometer. There are various classifications, which are divided into working force gauges and standard force gauges according to the objects of use. The main indicators for evaluating the accuracy level of the dynamometer are the repeatability R and the stability Sb. R reflects the change in the data obtained by loading (unloading) multiple times during a complete verification process; Sb reflects the difference between the data obtained from the verification and the previous data after a period of time.

Standard dynamometers for verification or comparison of static, lever, hydraulic and superimposed dynamometers, mostly for force sensor type, with accuracy of 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05. Various types of load cells are equipped with appropriate electrical measuring instruments to form a sensor type force gauge or an electronic force gauge. The standard dynamometer is still dominated by resistance strain sensors with wide measuring range, high accuracy and adaptability.