Marine Rubber Ship Launching Airbags

Ship launching or upgrading relying on marine airbag is a innovative technology having utmost developmental prospect in shipbuilding. Ship launching airbags overcomes the disadvantage of fixed launching track by which the productive abilities of shipbuilding and ship repair were limited in the small and medium sized shipyards. Now it has become a flexible launching technology full of mobility, having advantages in saving effort, saving time, saving work load, saving investment, flexibility, safety, reliability, outstanding comprehensive economy benefit,? Flexible, safe, reliable, and outstanding benefit, etc. The launching technology of apply marine airbag to the launching and landing of ships overcomes the restrictions of traditional slide board technology which is commonly used in building small or medium size ships.

Advantages of ARD boat airbag:

1. High strength, anti-aging
2. Good air tightness, safety and reliability
3. High shock absorption, less reverse impact on ships
4. High kneading

Standard specifications of ARD boat airbag:
1> Diameter (D): From 0.3m to 2.2 m.
2>Effective Length (EL): From 6m to24m.
3>Total Length (TL): From 7m to28m.
4>Other specification of ship launching airbags also available upon customer's request

Technical parameters of boat airbag:

1)Imported main material, guarantee quality of raw material
Natural rubber: RSS3(Hongmanli), imported from Thailand
Nylon cord: 100% raw silk
2)Stringent, special and advanced manufacturing technique
3)The full set of manufacturing equipments experimenting and testing equipments for semi--finished and finished products
4)With long service life and high performance