Marine Rubber Airbag for Salvage

Rubber air bag is widely applied to ship launching or landing, heavy lifting or conveying, sunken ship salvage and stranded ship rescuing etc. Such applications are labor saving, time saving, economical, safe and flexible.
The technology for ship launching using the air bags overcomes restrictions of traditional methods, which limit the building and repairing capability of small or medium sized shipyards. After many years of experience, this technology has became into a very flexible and mature one its ship launching capability  developed from the beginning 100tons to current 11,000tons.
1.Advanced framework design
The intensive air bag employs the advanced whole enlacing technology which demand the intertwist of each layers without any seams.
Also the two conical ends of air bag are reinforced with extra two layers. The innovative design improves the whole performance of intensive air bag such as the inner pressure, sealed capability and safety.
2.Excellent quality materials employed
Each 10cm long framework material has 94 synthetic-tyre-cords whose tensile strengths are 21 KN/Strand and 30 KN/strand respectively. The outer rubber components have sufficient tensile and tear resistance strength to withstand anticipated severe usage. The reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layers are strong enough to hold the inner air pressure in botr compressed and non-compressed situation and its employed rubber is made up of natural and synthetic rubber. The imported sealant which is manufactured by international brand factory according our special demand ensures the tight bond of each layer.
3.Fine Work
The body of intensive air bag is smooth and both ends are streamlining. Special treatment was done valves first and then seals them with conical ends of air bag. This method can solve the valves problems of possible damage and leak
4.High performance
The advanced designed framework, excellent material and our fine work make the performance of intensive air bag much higher than the requirements of CB/T3795-1996. Our air bag can withstand the fierce conditions and servere usage and is the stop choice for serious customers.
5.Strict inspection
We firmly enforce the ruled inspections to each air bag from the surface to inner pressure and also the air leak. We ensure every piece of air bag which is sent to customers is eligible.