Marine fender, with high performance, Yokohama pneumatic, rubber

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Type: pneumatic, CY, V, D, DA, DO, GD, SC and more

  • Rubber fenders are widely used in the automobile and industrial marine industry

  • Fenders are basically a surrounding or a barrier made of rubber, that surrounds the wheels of a vehicle to prevent sand, mud, rocks, water from being thrown into the air by the rotating tire

  • In other words, they are used to block splashing water or mud, while the tires are in motion

  • Instead of fenders, automobiles also make use of mud flaps, which serve the same purpose, but they are more flexible than fenders 

  • Rubber fenders are more popular in the marine industry

  • Marine rubber fenders are objects that are placed along the sides of a boat or ship to provide a cushioning effect to prevent damage and protect the boat from impacting something harmful

  • Boat fenders are made from soft rubber or plastic and used between boats and other objects like piers, pilings, and docks to protect the boat from damage

  • Fenders for boats are available in a wide ranges of shapes and sizes that can be used for small yachts to the largest vessels

  • They are designed to absorb the berthing energy due to their deflection, using natural rubber, nitrile, viton, epdm and other synthetic rubber

  • Rubber fenders can withstand all possible operating conditions in the automobile and marine industry

  • Rubber fenders applicable in all kinds of shipbuilding, harbor construction, and maritime transportation are of different types like shearing, compressive, pneumatic, hydraulic, rotary, and foam-floating, super cone, cylinder, tug boat, tug-D-type, delta D, square and corner rubber fenders

  • All of these fenders can further be designed with different specifications and can also be customized as per customers' needs

  • Normally there are two types of rubber fenders: solid rubber fender and floating rubber fender

  • Solid rubber fencers has been used for a long history since it is easily to be made and long time life

  • Solid fenders include D type rubber fender, GD type rubber fender, DA type rubber fender, CY (cylindrical) type rubber fender, SC (super cell) type rubber fender, CO (cone) type rubber fender and more

  • Floating rubber fender has a short history but because their good property, now floating fenders are widely used in ship industry

  • Commonly there are two type floating rubber fender: pneumatic rubber fender and filled rubber fender