Marine Airbags for Ship Launching, Lifting, Upgrading/Lifting Inflatable Marine Airbags

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        Our company mainly produces marine airbags for ship upgrading and launching and pneumatic and filled rubber fenders. Our products adopt streamline operating program, namely our company uses independently produced raw materials to produce airbags and fenders, such as main framework material twill fabrics, which improves technology on the basis of prior impregnation process and passed provincial identification and certification of Quality Management System; rubber (twill fabrics rubber), which has formula with strong stability and enough assurance of gel content; our company is also equipped with gluing equipment (four-roll calender) specially for twill fabrics, which has strong stability for production of airbags and fenders and is incomparable to other industries of China.

      In production technology, our technical personnel summarize a set of effective production processes through continuous grope, our production equipment is improved on the prior basis, and many proprietary technologies of our company formed; meanwhile, so we ensure product quality from production technology and raw materials.

      Our products are provided to some domestic manufacturers and also exported. At present, many countries and regions, including America, Russia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, come to China to order airbags and fenders. Now is the upsurge of Chinese airbags, international airbag upsurge also emerges, and the airbags have greatly developed in tonnage of ship upgrading and launching from former dozens of tons, hundreds of tons and thousands of tons to thirty thousand tons. Now China has over 4,000 small and large shipyards, a part of which have adopted the new technology with low investment and high effect and created good economic benefit and social benefit, and fenders are effectively used in wharfs and ships. Our company solemnly promises to repair and exchange within one year due to poor product quality and freely provide maintenance technology and provide paid raw materials for repairing after one year.
Marine inflatable water balloon industry is  targeting ships and security came inti beng in the industry.The airbag now is based on the principle of bowling form .rubber airbag has good aging rsistance.rubber airbag use natural rubber and synthetic rubber made from fiber-reinforced layer after curing.It has good  swel resistance ,strengh,elasticity and flexibility .

The advantages of JinZheng marine rubber airbag:


1. hiah bearing capacity 

An equal ability to an inflatable rubber bag marine high quality of ability is the main targets,CB/T3795-1996'the ship and water in the bag under professor of international syandard specifies the document's the pressure of work demands and all kinds of pressure in tates per meter high indicators in production.Our factory's new generation of the rubber bag eith the use of the new recipes and high tension enhance its ability to fibers carry more than double standards of the above, this mens that using marine rubber airbag with ships, the water yo proper eork to reduce the number's only and security. increased reliability.


2.the new structure design of accounts at the end  

Air pressure increase,gasbag ends with the rubber iron castings produced the likelihood of urban-rural discouraged has also increased.After repeated use ,once the air leakage phenomenon of produce high pressure, in the end ,bursts easily.The water in the air crash, some production quality is not high , the ballon fly out of the wound phenomenon has several, be worth us to impove our vigilance.In order yo adapt to the requirement of high pressure inside the seal, we adopted at the end of the new structure design, accounts for the clouds don't iron and sealing, bonding strength of the use of pressure increase, use nothappen discouraged phenomenon.To eliminate the safe hidden trouble 


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 The advanges of our company:
1.import natural rubber raw material
3.high rated working pressure
4. provide technical service

1. Design Service Life