Load Test Water Bag For Lifeboat Derrick Davit And Crane

Load testing water bag (weight water bag) is a new multi-purpose test weight product. Compared with traditional weight-bearing products, such as excessive weight and inconvenient transportation, the new multi-functional test water bag has unique advantages. It is foldable, light in weight, small in size, safe and reliable, and convenient to transport. At the same time, it is a new type of test weight product that gradually replaces the traditional method of test weight by safety, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The load test water bag (weight water bag) is a petal-shaped design, which is formed by high-pressure heat sealing technology, and the bag body is inserted with high-strength fiber sling, so that the safety of the water bag lifting is fully guaranteed. Each water bag has a minimum safety factor of 1:5, which guarantees a safety accident without being affected by the outside world in extreme environments.

The test weight test is the patent and the biggest advantage of the water bag, which can be used for crane hoisting test, deck strength test, drilling ship cantilever beam test and so on. At the same time, in different environments, it can also be used as a soft container for long-term storage of water, oil and other liquids; it can be used for material placement and forest fire rescue.



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