Liferaft Using Method

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1. The life raft is usually fixed on the side truss of the platform deck, and the painter should be attached to the hydrostatic pressure release unit on the cradle.

2. When using the life raft, the unhooking device of hydrostatic pressure release device should be loosened, so that the life raft will automatically slide into the water or put the liferaft into the water (Do not untie the painter attached to the cradle).

3. The liferaft is thrown into the sea by the release personnel.

4. Hold the painter and make sure the liferaft to be inflated.

5. After the inflatation, the personnel should go down by ladder or plunge into the sea.

6. After the personnel boarding, use the safety knife on the life raft to cut the painter and escape from the danger area.

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Life raft precautions:

1. When the life raft drifts too fast under the wind, throw the sea anchor into the sea to reduce the drifting speed.

2, in order to avoid the attack form wind or waves, the doors of entrances and exits should be closed. At this time,personels should observe the outside condition y view window.

3. If there is seeper in the life raft, take out the water scoop and the absorbent sponge from the repair bag to remove the water.

4. At night, use a flashlight to emit a Mohs signal; during the daytime, using the mirror to send a signal by reflective sunlight.

5. When it rains, use the drinking water bottle or all the equipment that can hold the water to collect the rainwater for storage and future drinking.

These are the methods and precautions of the life rafts when the liferafts are used. I hope you can refer to these methods and precautions when using liferaft, so as to maximize your own safety.