application of water filled proof load bags

Lifeboat and Davit Test Water Bags

The continued development of lifeboat and davit test water bags has increased greatly the practicability, economy and safety of providing proof load testing on cranes in power plants, general industry, construction and marine operations.

During transportation and staging the bags with load cells weigh approximately 2% of its rated load keeping freight costs, storage space, floor loading and especially manpower to a minimum.

The load is always measured accurately with a certified loadcell or flowmeter, so exact weight variations required during test is always achieved by simply filling or dumping the bags.



Key features are:

· Foldable for easy storage and transportation.

· Made of high strength coated fabrics.

· Complete with all accessories and fill/offloading systems.

· Flat Bottom Lifeboat Bags are also available.

· Complete Lifeboat Testing System Kit available.