Life Rafts Are Generally Divided Into Inflatable Life Rafts

Life rafts are generally divided into inflatable life rafts and rigid life rafts. Rigid types are rarely equipped on the ship, and the basic configuration is the inflatable type. In the past few days, a group of friends have discussed the issue of the hydrostatic pressure release device, and simply sorted out this knowledge point.

Convention inspections of liferafts are based on Chapter III of SOLAS and Chapter IV of LSA. Regarding this raft, there are several issues that need to be understood:

1. How to arrange it?

2. Connection of hydrostatic pressure release?

3. Banding?

4. Icon posted?

5. Common defects and prevention?

Liferaft layout

In fact, the crew does not need to understand. At the beginning of the construction, the identification was made on the layout of the lifesaving equipment and the fire control chart. This was verified by the classification society, and the result was to verify the correctness of the classification society.

Of course, sometimes the classification society will be negligent and will make mistakes. Some PSCOs are thorough in research and will issue defects. It is basically a one-off event and has nothing to do with the crew and the ship.

According to the requirements of Article 31 of Chapter III of the SOLAS2006 Amendment, the following three deployment methods can be adopted:

1. One fully enclosed lifeboat on each side (can take all persons on board) + one or more life rafts with a mass of less than 185 kg, the capacity can accommodate the total number of people, and it is stored on a single deck for easy side-to-side movement. Otherwise, each side should be provided with a liferaft (hangable liferaft) that can accommodate the total number of persons on board

2. If the ship chooses to be equipped with a free-fall lifeboat, it can choose: a free-fall lifeboat (which can take all the people on board) + at least one side equipped with landing equipment for hoisting a liferaft + one or more liferafts.

The part marked in red is a fully enclosed lifeboat equal to one on each side. The latter part requires the same

3. Cargo ships with a length below 85 m (except oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers) may not be equipped with lifeboats.