Life Raft Equipment

Emergency drinking water is the necessary lifesaving appliances for marine lifeboat and liferafts. Use aboard marine liferafts an d lifeboats. The compressed food bar rations are made especially for survival at sea and comply with the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

1first-aid kitbox
2rocket parachute flarepcs
3hand flarepcs
4buoy smoke signaltin
5food rationshare/p.
6fresh water 1/p.
7thermal protective aidspcs
8instruction for survival signalpcs
9daylight signal mirrorpac
10drinking vesselpcs
11survivor's manualbook
12safe knifepiece
13radar reflectorset
14inflating pumppiece
15water-proof torchpcs
16buoy bailerpcs
18repair clamppcs
19lesk stopper(bing&small)pcs
20liferaft light
21cord piece
22buoy rescue qupit and 30linepiece
24raft shell buttonpcs
25cord with buttonpiece