Life Boat Specific Reasons For Security

Let's analyze the specific reasons for security.

1. It is to add a rigid closed top cover on the basis of the open lifeboat, so as to ensure that the occupants are not affected by cold and heat. The hull of the fully enclosed lifeboat and the material of the rigid enclosed roof are flame retardant or non-combustible. The crew can complete the work of receiving and releasing under the closed cover and can paddle. The entrance cover of the closed cover is provided with a passage cover, which can be clamped when opened, and the occupant can quickly reach the seat without crossing the horizontal seat plate or other obstacles (all the occupants of the cargo ship can board the boat within 3 minutes). It is watertight when closed and does not leak significantly when the lifeboat is overturned. The access cover should be openable and closable on both the inner and outer sides.

2. The sides of the fully enclosed lifeboat and the first and the rear are provided with access panels that can be opened and closed inside and outside to facilitate the crew to enter and exit the lifeboat; the access cover is closed to ensure that the lifeboat has good watertightness and thermal insulation; the top of the boat is provided Sprinkler cooling device; the top window on the fixed canopy allows sufficient daylight to enter the lifeboat with the hatch closed.

3. An air box is installed under the seat plate of the boat to ensure that the boat is filled with water and will not sink. The boat is equipped with food, drinking water, emergency medicine, attachments, communication equipment and propulsion equipment such as sails, paddles and rafts to ensure sea life.

4. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the Code for Life-saving Equipment for Sea-going Ships have strict regulations on the equipment, strength, buoyancy, stability and unsinkability of lifeboats. At the same time, it is required that the lifeboat on the passenger ship must be able to fall into the water within 30 minutes under normal weather conditions. The ship can safely land even in the case of unfavorable trim or any side sloping 15°; the lifeboat should be arranged so as not to interfere with the operation of other life-saving equipment, and all lifeboats are available immediately in an emergency.

It can be seen that the fully enclosed lifeboat is very safe.