Life Boat And Rescue Boat

Lifeboats are small, sturdy or inflatable boats used for emergency evacuation of ships in the event of a disaster. The law requires large merchant ships to conduct lifeboat drills. Life rafts are also available. These boats can sail safely. Both the SOLAS and the International Life-Saving Equipment Regulations (LSA) require ships on international voyages to be equipped with lifeboats. Modern lifeboats carry an emergency pointing radio indicator (EPIRB) and a radar wave reflector or radar interrogator.

The lifeboat is the most important life-saving tool on board. It is a special life-saving boat used by ship occupants to rescue or rescue people in distress at sea. An air box is placed under the boat's seat plate to ensure that the boat is filled with water and will not sink. The boat is equipped with food, drinking water, first aid products, attachments, communication equipment and propulsion equipment such as sails, paddles and rafts, and some are equipped with mobile propulsion devices. According to structural materials, it is divided into wooden lifeboats, metal lifeboats and fiberglass lifeboats. According to the structure, it is divided into open, closed and fully enclosed lifeboats. The length is not less than 5m. Propellers, sails or machine propulsion are used, and those with more than 60 passengers are motor boats. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the Code for Life-Saving Equipment for Sea-Governing Ships have strict regulations on the equipment, strength, buoyancy, stability and unsinkability of lifeboats. At the same time, it is required that the lifeboat on the passenger ship must be able to fall into the water within 30 minutes under normal weather conditions. The ship can safely land even in the case of unfavorable trim or any side sloping 15°; the lifeboat should be arranged so as not to interfere with the operation of other life-saving equipment, and all lifeboats are available immediately in an emergency. The bow of the lifeboat is marked with the name of the vessel and the vessel number, and the stern is marked with the port of registry. The lifeboat is usually placed on the lifting equipment of the rescue deck so that the person can board the boat and quickly put it on the water surface.