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Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Product introduction:

Newly developed patented product, beautiful shape, unique light distribution design, multiple powers to choose from, cost-effective

Explosion-proof mark: ExdR II CT5 Gc/DIP A20TA, T5
Nominal voltage: AC 220V/AC/DC 24-36V
Light source: LED (40-100W)
Cable: Φ10-Φ14mm
Protection grade: IP65
Antiseptic grade: WF2
External size: Φ210*310mm
Installation methods: boom

Scopes of application: 
It is suitable for dangerous environments in power industry, oil exploitation, smelting, chemical engineering, military reserves and also suitable for offshore oil platform, loose pulley and other circumstances
Suitable for Zone 2 explosive gas atmosphere, Class IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas atmosphere and other environments which are wet and need high protection grade

1. Safe and reliable
Through the authentication of authority, made totally according to national explosion-proof standard, with excellent explosion-proof and antiseptic performances
Can be used in any flammable and explosion-proof places
2.Environment-friendly, adapts fourth generation American Bridgelux high power pure white LED, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, with service lifespan of light source reaching 50,000h, non-maintenance for long time
3.Scientific structure, light source part is separated, with heat convection guiding device which is designed according to the heat conduction theory, better for heat dissipation of the LED and lengthened its service lifespan
4.The electric box is suspending design, which greatly lower the temperature rise of the driver and lengthen the lifespan
The whole light is one-piece design, with installation methods of boom type, curved pole, bracket type, easy and convenient to install and maintain
5.Rational light distribution design, special transverse and vertical light distribution design, high light efficiency, high usage and large area irradiation, providing 360° full range lighting, uniform illumination, soft light and no glare
6.Modular design, light source modular, reflector modular, power modular, are all in standard modular design, convenient to exchange and reduce the maintenance cost in future
7.Adapting V0 grade optics PC transparent parts, with high light transmission, high and low temperature resistance and great anti-shock function
8.Adapts high strength protection cover, to prevent outside shock and protect the good light transmission performance of the transparent parts

9.Strong and durable, the shell is die-cast by aluminum alloy, adopting the high-temperature electrostatic powder coating process, excellent anti-corrosive performance;