Inflatable Ship Launching/ Dry Docking Airbags, Marine Salvage / Floating Airbags

Matchau Group mainly produce: Ship Launching Marine Boat Airbag, Marine Rubber Ship Airbag for Launching Landing, Pneumatic marine rubber fenders, Yokohama Fender, Super cell fenders (SC type), Cone fenders, Super Arch fenders (type SA), Cylindrecal fenders (Type Y), Semi-circular fenders (Type D), Type GD fenders, Type I fenders, Type U fenders,Turn cell fenders, Type π rubber fenders, Rubber ladder, Rubber fenders for tug boats,  PVC yacht fenders etc.

Certificate: ABS, LR, BV, NK, DNV, RINA, RS, IRS,CCS etc.

High pressure safety explosion-proof launching airbag
(1). Using high quality raw material
(2). The unique whole winding process
(3). The size and structure of air bag
 The normal diameter of airbag can be 0.5m-2.5m, length 5-28m, layers can be 4-12 layer.
 Other models c an also be produced according to customer requirements.
(4)Production standards
   Our products manufactured strictly according with the CB/T3795 "ship upgrading, launching  airbag"   standards, factory check strictly before shipping.
(5)Use: a. Ship launching 
 b.Wreck Removal and marine salvage 
 c.Heavy lifting