How To Use Life Rafts Correctly

At present, the ship is generally equipped with an inflatable life raft. When the ship encounters an accident, it is necessary to quickly wear a life jacket and listen to the command of the captain. The life raft has a special storage place, usually on the deck. Passengers should assist the crew to put the life raft into the water safely. So how do you use the life raft correctly?

The method of using life rafts is as follows:

1. The life raft is usually fixed on the side truss of the platform deck, and the inflatable cable drawn from the raft should be attached to the hydrostatic pressure release device on the truss.

2. When using the life raft, the hydrostatic pressure release device unhooking device should be loosened, so that the cockroach will automatically slide into the water or put the cockroach into the water (remember not to untie the drawstring attached to the truss).

3. The life raft is thrown into the sea by the release personnel.

4. Pull the cable and wait for the liferaft to be released.

5. After the release is completed, the personnel will jump from the ladder or jump into the sea.

6. After the personnel boarding, use the safety knife on the life raft to cut the cable and escape the danger zone.

Precautions for using life rafts:

1. When the life raft drifts too fast with the wind, the sea anchor can be put into the water to reduce the drifting speed.

2, in order to avoid wind and waves, the door of the first and second entrances and exits should be put down. At this time, the watch window should be strengthened through the window on the dome.

3. There is water in the bowl, and the water scoop and the absorbent sponge are taken out from the repair bag to remove the water.

4. At night, use a flashlight to emit a Mohs signal; during the day, the mirror sends a signal by means of sunlight.

5. When it rains, use the drinking water bottle and all the equipment that can hold the water, and let the rainwater drain from the tent flow down through the water pipe to store the rainwater for drinking.

The above is the method and precautions of the life raft when it is used. I hope that you can refer to these methods and precautions when using it, so as to maximize your own safety.