How To Use Buoyant Asmok Signal

buoyant smoke signal 

Performance characteristics: This product complies with the international standard SOLAS 74/96, LSA rules and its MSC.218 (82) amendments and MSC.218 (70) requirements, and is suitable for guiding ships, life rafts, and offshore work platforms. And display the fireworks signal at the target location. It is certified by the German Lloyd's Register of Shipping and is approved by the China Classification Society (CCS) and the Fisheries Inspection Bureau of the People's Republic of China.

Main technical parameters: 1) Luminous color: red; 2) Luminous intensity: ≥15000cd; 3) Burning time: ≥60s; 4) Storage and use temperature: -30°C~+65°C; 5) Validity period: 3 years.


How to use buoyant smoke signal

Visual Signal--Floating Smoke Signal Technical Requirements

1. Floating smoke signal should be installed in a waterproof enclosure. 

2. Do not deflagrate when used according to the manufacturer's operating instructions.

3. On the casing, clearly and confined floating smoke Concise instructions or diagrams for signal usage; 4. Floating smoke signals should: 

1. When floating in calm water, evenly emit bright and easy-to-see color smoke for a duration of not less than 3 minutes; 2. During the entire smog, Do not spray any flame; 3, in the waves, not to be submerged; 

4, after immersed in 100mm deep water for 10s, still can continue to spray smoke. Equipment requirements