How To Avoid Detention In Packing And Transportation

Transporting goods through the container phase method can keep the goods in the container clean, protect the safety of the goods, and reduce damage. In order to ensure the smooth circulation of the container and avoid the container from being occupied and stagnant in use, the owner of the container-the shipowner, gives the container The user-the importer has set a time limit, within this time limit, the goods in the box can be free of charge. After this period of time, if the goods are not taken out of the container and occupy the container, then a fixed fee must be paid to the ship owner every day, which is the so-called demurrage fee.

    Most of the free period for imported containers is within 10 days after the ship arrives at the port of destination, and the demurrage fee is calculated 10 days after the ship arrives at the port.

    Here is a quick way to return to the empty container, so that you can return to the empty container as soon as possible to avoid or reduce the demurrage fee.

    Specifically: While the goods are going through customs clearance procedures, the importer can learn from the shipowner which storage yard the container will return to, and then contact the storage yard. The fleet under the storage yard will directly bring the released goods to the storage yard. , Draw boxes in the yard, and then transport the goods by rail or car to the final destination as needed. In this way, when the goods are taken out, even if the container is already empty, it can save at least two days compared to using other convoys to pick up the containers to the warehouse and then return the empty containers to the designated storage yard.

    When the number of imported containers is large, this method can not only prepare more time for customs clearance, but also reduce demurrage fees. For example, a company imported 48 20-foot container cargoes. After learning about the shipowner’s return to the empty container yard, it signed an agreement with the yard, and its subordinate fleet picked up the containers directly from the port city to the yard to pick up the containers, and then the factory arrived. Pickup at the yard. However, at the time of the customs clearance of the goods on this ticket, the customs clearance time was delayed due to the issue of customs pricing, which made the customs release the goods on the 10th day after the ship arrived at the port. After receiving the customs clearance form, the convoy at the storage yard immediately took the container to the storage yard. This saves USD480.00 demurrage fees and 4800 RMB return fee.