Hinged Gravity Arm Type Davit for Lifeboat

Product Description

Hinged Gravity Arm Type Davit For Lifeboat

Brief introduction:
This device slew by the hydraulic, and launch the boat to the water surface by the boat own gravity, slew the boat or raft outboard under the condition of loss of electricity, while Launching, the passengers could pull the remote control cable in the boat to launch or stop rescue boat or raft. As well, the crews can operate it on the deck. hinged gravity arm type davit meets the SOLAS 1974, the international life saving equipment rules LSA and IMO, MSC81 (70) and other regulatory requirements.
Design features:
·                  Various possibility of interfacing to ship's structure
·                  Manual browsing
·                  Can be used on open or recessed deck
·                  Use electrical winches
·                  Suitable for all types of Life/Rescue boat 
·                  Other sizes/dimensions available on request

Basic specification for inquiry: 
·                  Required lifting capacity (or lifeboat capacity)
·                  Power pack: hydraulic, electric, or any other
·                  Power source 
·                  Required Classification societies


Hinged Gravity Arm Type Davit For Lifeboat 
1,wearing parts for free 
2,cost effective 
3,low maintenance 
4,longtime warranty

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detai: Electric parts are packed by strong plywood crate main beam and end truck are packed in plastic woven cloth.
Delivery Detail: within 20 working days after receiving your deposit