FRP Life Boat Features

FRP ships are characterized by light weight and high strength, and have great potential for weight reduction. They are suitable for high-performance ships and rowing boats with limited weight; corrosion-resistant, water-resistant organisms are more suitable for use than traditional shipbuilding materials; non-magnetic Therefore, it is the best structural and functional material for minesweeping boats and mine-hunting boats; it has good dielectric and microwave penetration, and is suitable for warships; it can absorb high energy, has good impact toughness, and ships are not easily damaged by collision and extrusion; Low thermal conductivity and good heat insulation, suitable for building fire-resisting lifeboats, fishing boats and refrigerated ships; the surface of the hull can be mirror-smooth and can have various colors, especially suitable for building various types of yachts with beautiful appearance; According to the different requirements of the various components of the ship structure, through the selection of materials, layering research and structural modeling to achieve optimal design; good integrity, no seams and gaps in the hull, can prevent leakage; easy to form, than steel, wood province Work, and mass production is particularly good, the potential for lowering the cost is great; maintenance is convenient, the maintenance cost is much less than that of other materials, and the economic performance of the whole life is good.