Freight Forwarding Operation Process

One, accept the owner's inquiry

1. Shipping inquiry:

a. Need to know the shipping port to all continents, the major routes commonly used, and the ports that shippers often need to serve, and the prices;

b. Main shipping company schedule information;

c. When necessary, ask the owner of the inquiry about some category information, such as the name of the goods, the level of danger, etc. (Waterway Dangerous Regulations)

2. Land transportation inquiry: (RMB fee)

a. Need to know the number of kilometers and the price of trailers in major cities;

b. Packing price in each port area;

c. Customs declaration fee, commodity inspection, animal and plant inspection fee standards.

3. If you cannot provide it in time, please ask the customer to leave contact information such as phone number, last name, etc., in order to reply to the owner in the shortest possible time.

2. Take orders (accept the consignor's entrustment)

Important information that needs to be clear after accepting the consignor's entrustment (usually faxed):

1. Ship schedule and number of packages

2. Box type and volume

3. Gross weight

4. Volume

The maximum volume of each type is: (length*width*height) can be installed volume, can be installed weight

1×20’GP=31CBM 6*2.38*2.38 25 17MT

1×40’GP=67CBM 12*2.38*2.38 55 25MT

1×40’HC=76CBM 12*2.7*2.38


(Note: g.general purpose ordinary box; Cb.cubic metre; MT metric ton; h.high cubic high box)

5. Payment terms and contact method of shippers

6. Do the case, door-to-door or built-in

Three, booking

1. The power of attorney (ten copies);

The correctness and consistency of the data of the original bill should be ensured to the greatest extent when preparing the bill, so as to reduce the frequent changes in the follow-up process.

2. Booking with the company's booking seal:

Those who need to provide booking accessories (such as shipping company price confirmation) should be prepared together before booking.

3. Obtain the shipping receipt and extract the ship name, voyage number, and bill of lading number information.

Fourth, make the box

1. Door to door:

When filling in the packing plan: time, ship name, voyage, customs order number, transshipment port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, door point, contact person, telephone number, etc., prior to the customs cut-off date (shipping schedule) The first two days) Schedule the train for 1~2 days.

2. Interior:

When filling in the packing plan: schedule, ship name, voyage number, transshipment port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, entry number and other factors, prior to the customs cut-off date (two days before the schedule) 1~2 Schedule a good train schedule.

3. Obtain the packing list (CLP) obtained from the two methods of box making

Five, customs declaration (sometimes at the same time, sometimes before the box is made)

1. Understand the information required for customs declaration of frequently exported goods.

a. Commodity inspection required

b. Quota required

c. License required

d. Certificate of origin required

e. Need to provide trademark authorization, trademark name

f. The value of exports to Hong Kong is more than $100,000, and the value of other areas is more than $500,000. The settlement statement (copy) is required when writing off.

g. The supplier will need to verify the price seal

2. Fill in the ship's name and voyage, bill of lading number, corresponding packing list (packing list), invoice, displayed gross weight and net weight, number of pieces, type of packaging, amount, volume, and check the correctness of the customs declaration (the documents are consistent).

3. Display the "Chinese product name" of the goods where the customs declaration form is located, check the commodity code against the complete customs code, check whether the two are consistent, determine the unit of measurement according to the code, and click on the missing customs declaration requirements according to the supervision conditions listed by the customs.

4. Prepare the customs declaration power of attorney, customs declaration form, manual, invoice, packing list, verification form, shipping receipt (after the fifth form of ten forms), change form (if necessary) and other required information, in Customs clearance the day before closing.

5. Track the receipt of the station and ensure that it is loaded on the ship.

6. For those who are retired and re-allocated, if there is a next voyage, the shipment is still required. Documents such as permits, quotas, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine, etc., should be notified of exit and re-allocation prior to the configured ship It will arrive within one week, so that the (Reporting Department) can retrieve the data smoothly and reuse it. Otherwise, it will only postpone the shipping schedule and cause trouble.

6. Confirmation and modification of the bill of lading

1. Ask the customer about the form of issuance of the "Bill of Lading":

a. Electric discharge:

The customer is required to provide the original "Letter of Guarantee" (retained at the bottom), and then issue the company "Letter of Guarantee" to the shipping company's telex.

b. Advance loan (if feasible)

Customers are required to provide the original "Letter of Guarantee" (reserved at the bottom), and then issue the company "Letter of Guarantee" to the shipping company for advance loan.

c. Backlog (if feasible)

The customer is required to provide the original "backdated letter of guarantee" (leave the bottom), and then issue the company "letter of guarantee" to the shipping company to backdated.

*In this case, most of the HOUSE B/L is issued.

d. Split orders:

You should wait 3~4 days after the ship sails (the waiting list is delivered to the customs to ensure the tax refund), and then split the one-ticket customs order into multiple-ticket customs orders.

e. Consolidation:

You should wait 3~4 days after the ship sails (the waiting list will be delivered to the customs to guarantee the tax refund), and then combine the multi-ticket customs order into a single-ticket customs order

f. Place orders in different places:

It must be approved by the shipping company and obtain the shipper’s letter of guarantee and the contact person, telephone number, fax number, company name, address and other information for the off-site order before placing the order.

2. According to the original information, fax it to the owner for confirmation, and confirm the correct content of the bill of lading based on the return.

Seven, signing

1. Check whether each original bill of lading is fully signed.

2. Whether a hand sign is required.

8. Voyage fee settlement

1. Ocean freight

a. Prepaid (FREIGh.PREPAID)

b. To pay (FREIGh.COLLECT)

2. Land freight

a Booking

b. Customs declaration (including the cost of customs declaration before returning to the customs)

c. Box-making (internal installation/door-to-door)

d. Other expenses that should be considered:

Clearance fee/clearance fee

Commodity inspection, animal and plant inspection, delivery fee, courier fee, telex, change

9. Issuance of bills of lading and invoices (sample bill of lading)

1. If the owner picks up the package by himself, it needs to sign for it

2. For delivery via EMS and express delivery, the "Name and Address Form" should be marked with such as: "Bill of Lading Number", "Invoice Number", "Verification Form Number", "License Number", "Quota Number", etc. Elements for future verification

X. Supervise the settlement of voyage costs within one month and return the owner’s "VAT refund form" in a timely manner

11. If there is a problem with the customs tax refund, it needs to be modified and the following information must be provided:

l. The customs declaration data is correct and the manifest is incorrect

a. A copy of the pre-recorded customs declaration form "returned by the customs";

b. A copy of the station receipt (the seventh copy of the ten-sheet form is the yellow copy);

c. Two copies of the original bill of lading;

e. A copy of the packing list (Containe.Load Plan);

f. Correction sheet (triple, original).

2. Short package (over-reporting, less output), over-package (underreporting, more output)

a. If the ship fails to be corrected in time within 5 days (working days):

Pay a fine of 3000-5000 first;

Invoice and packing list re-provided by the shipper (Packing list)

The owner re-provides the customs declaration form

A copy of the copy of the bill of lading (stamped with "Acknowledgement of the copy of the bill of lading")

b. Changes within 5 days (working days) of the ship

A copy of the copy of the bill of lading (stamped with "Confirmation of the copy of the bill of lading")

Original and correct customs declaration

Original, correct invoice, packing list