Floating Dock Pneumatic Rubber Marine Fender

Product Description
Product Introduction
Marine fender with Tyre&chain net also called pneumatic fender, rubber fender, yokohama fender, made from rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric, is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today. Marine fenders have become an ideal ship protection medium against collision among ship-to-ship (STS), ship to quay (STQ) and ship-to-berthing (STB), they are widely used for large tankers, vessels, docks, harbor wharfs and ocean platforms.

Advantages of ARD rubber ship fender:
*Absorb more energy, less reverse impact on the ships
*More flexible, easy installation
*Long term service life
*Not being bent out of shape under pressure
*Good air tightness, safety and reliability
*High shock absorption, low counterforce and enhance port ability
*Produce according to ISO17357: 2002 completely
*Many different sizes and shape available
*Durable, practical and economical
*Good quality have been checked by many buyers
*Optional tire and chain, can provide chain with hot galvanizing or stainless steel(304, 312, 316)
*Optional end fittings for the better suitable of applications

Application of ARD rubber ship fender:
ARD pneumatic rubber fender has widespread application as following:
 ship to ship, ship to wharf,
 oil tankers, container vessels
 luxury yachts, ocean platforms
 larges shipyards
 Fender system
 military ports, warship
 larger under water foundations of bridges, etc.

Specifications of ARD rubber ship fender:
D: 0.2-4.5 meters
L: 0.5-9.0 meters

Aorunda rubber ship fender performance