First Aid Kit For Lifeboat And Life Raft

First aid kit:

Type A first-aid medical kit; Type B first-aid medical kit. This product complies with the provisions of the 1990 Marine Ship Life-saving Equipment Regulations of the People's Republic of China Ship Inspection Bureau and the 1992 Marine Ship Legal Inspection Technical Regulations.

Construction: It is suitable for life-sustaining lifeboats at sea.

Marine lifesaving medicine box parameters


Waterproof band-aid, medical disinfectant wipes, elastic bandages, medical tapes, burn dressings, triangles, safety pins, sterile gauze pieces, latex tourniquets, polymer first aid splints, medical scissors, medical tweezers, disposable latex gloves, with one-way Valve respirator, emergency blanket, first aid manual, first aid manual, etc.

Size: 32 × 24 × 7cm

Marine lifesaving medicine box use: for outdoor emergency medical assistance.