EVA Fender Floating EVA Ball

The main material of the fender, the EVA foam, has a high compressive strength because it has a very high low reaction force, and all of it has the ability to absorb the shock of the ship in an extremely harsh working environment.

Customers can choose to choose good floating fenders, because of its strong foam closed-cell structure, even if the fender is broken, it can continue to be used, almost never sinking.

Another feature worth mentioning is the simple and unique internal structural design of the good fender - the chain through the system, which is designed to prevent the impact of the good fender and protect the good fender body. And there is a chain-tire protective cover on the outside to effectively protect the foam-filled fender. Even if the fender is subjected to an overload, there is no need to worry that the fender will fall off because each component is a separate one, and one of them breaks and does not affect the normal operation of other components.