European Standard Packing Machine (FFA)

European standard flow packing machine
1. Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, easy and convenient operation.
2. Double frequency inverter control, and stepless variable speed. The length of bag can be set and be cut at any time, no need to be trailed operationon one step, and save time and film.
3. Adopt international famous electric components, PLC control, friendly interface, with convenient and rapid setting of parameters.
4. The indication of fault is clear, and function is more humanized.
5. Highly sensitive lectric-eye color code tracing, which can make the sealing position
Be more accurate.
6. Accurate temperature setting, which is suitable for all various of packing materials and
Enhances the quality of seal.
7. Set the function of positioning power-off, without sticking to the blade and no waste of film.
8. Simple and clear transmission system with more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.
9. The control is realized through the soft, which facilitate the function regulation and
Technology upgrade, and they can also satisfy the production requirement.
10. Automatic feeder device on the blister, which is suitable for the automatic
Feeding for aluminum plastic dosage panel with many kinds of specifications.