Dynamometer Operating Instructions

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the machine for overload and super speed.

2. It is strictly forbidden to hit the lifting screw with hard objects and put on the lubricating oil on time.

3. When mechanically replacing the V-belt, pay attention to the position of the hand to prevent pinching the finger. The transmission part must be covered with a protective cover.

4. When the electronic stepless speed regulation adjusts the lifting speed, it cannot be operated too fast.

5, 50KN tensile machine before use, pay attention to check the fastening of the clamp tightening screws.

6. When lifting the lower jaw, the movement should be smooth, avoid collision, and often check the tightness of the clamp screw.

7. When replacing the test fixture, pay attention to cooperate to prevent bruises.

8. When opening the clamp to take the sample, pay attention to the clamping distance of the sample, not too much or too little.

9. When the tensile testing machine and the microcomputer are connected, the operation must be carried out according to the program requirements. It is strictly forbidden to operate the program due to illegal operation.

10. The parameters to be printed Check whether the printer has paper and replenish it in time before printing.

11. After the operation is completed, shut down the machine according to the program requirements. It is strictly forbidden to cut off the power directly.

12. Strictly implement the annual inspection system, and the parameters shall be certified by the metrological appraisal agency.

The dynamometer has a wide range of applications and can measure tension and pressure.